How Long to Study For ASVAB: The Study Schedule That Works

 If you are looking up study tips for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) exam, then it’s because you are considering an honorable career in the military. The ASVAB is one of those exams that covers multiple topics that are deemed applicable to the job at hand, which can make your studying much difficult because you’ll need to cover multiple topics. With so many topics to cover you want to make sure that you apply the right amount of time to each topic to ensure that you are well prepared for each section. 

You’ll need to study is at least one month before the exam. Dedicating five hours a week to studying will leave you well prepared for the exam. Avoid cramming for the exam as the topics are way too elaborate and cramming will do more harm than good. 

So, if you’re looking to not only get a passing grade but a high score to secure a good job in the military then this article will prepare you for that mission. This article will provide you with great study tips and a study schedule to keep you on track for success. 

Set a Study Schedule 

How Long to Study For ASVAB: The Study Schedule That Works

Setting a study schedule will make your life so much easier because you will have planned ahead and will not need to improvise when it comes to sitting down to study. The schedule is ideal for everyone from a High School senior looking to get into the military right after graduation to the full-time worker that has a 40 hour a week job. A schedule will keep you both organized and prepared and will allow you to study using the proper methods.  

How to Set Up a Study Schedule 

Although setting up a study schedule is not that difficult, you still want to make sure that you set up your schedule properly so that you take out adequate time to study for each of the topics on the exam. Realistically you want to take out at least five hours per week at least one month away from the exam to study for the exam. Here are some tips for setting up a study schedule for the ASVAB. 

  • What is your end goal here? Are you looking to get a minimum passing score for the exam to secure a spot in the military or are you looking to secure a good job? Either way, you will need to alter your study schedule to make sure that you can hit either goal. If you are looking to obtain a good job, then you may want to dedicate more than a minimum of five hours per week to increase your possibility of a higher score. 
  • Take a good look at all the topics on the exam. There may be some topics on the ASVAB that you may feel more comfortable with than others. Some of the sections of the exam focus on topics that are essential to the military, which is not knowledge that the average person has. In cases like this, you want to make sure that you dedicate more time to those topics that you have more difficulty with by adding an extra hour week dedicated to those difficult topics you will be more prepared for the exam. 
  • Prioritize your weak spots. This goes hand in hand with the prior bullet point. After several study sessions, you’ll have some awareness as to which topic you are having more difficulty with that this point, you’ll be able to make adjustments to your schedule so that you can dedicate more time to those difficult topics. 
  • Create that balance between your personal life and study session. Overworking your brain will not secure a passing grade in fact it may actually do you more harm than good, which is why it is important to take more time for yourself. Creating a balance between your personal life and your study sessions is extremely important so that you can go into each study session with a clear mind. The maximum amount of time you should dedicate to studying for the exam is ten hours per week. 
  • Go old school and add your schedule to a calendar or planner. It may seem pretty old school but writing out your schedule on a calendar or even a piece of paper will allow you to effectively track your time and stay on top of your schedule.  
  • Stay consistent with your schedule. You want to make sure that you stay on top of your schedule and stay consistent. Avoid making plans that will throw you off your study schedule on the weekend. It is important that you take this exam seriously and that your study schedule reflects the seriousness of the exam as well. 

With these tips, you’ll be able to create a study schedule that perfectly fits your needs and allows you to create a study schedule that not only fits well with your schedule but also prepares you for the ASVAB. It is important to note that although the recommended time is to begin studying at least 30 days prior to the exam you can begin your study sessions way before that. The sooner you begin studying and the more amount of time that you give yourself to study the likely you are to be more prepared for the exam, and you’ll have an increased possibility of getting a high score.  

Preparing for the ASVAB 

How Long to Study For ASVAB: The Study Schedule That Works

Now that you have an idea of how to balance your personal life and studying for one of the most important exams of your life it’s time to actually sit down and study for the exam. It is imperative that you prepare for each section of the exam differently and prioritize the sections that you are having the most issue with. Here is a list of the sections of the ASVAB. 

  • General Science: This portion of the exam has a strong focus on biology and physics. The section consists of 15 questions for which you will have a total of 10 minutes to complete. 
  • Arithmetic Reasoning: For this section, you will focus on word problems and apply your math skills to the questions. For this section, you will have 55 minutes to answer 15 questions. 
  • Word Knowledge: Ready to put your English skills to the test? For this section, you will need to be able to apply the proper meaning to each sentence. Although you do not need to have an elaborate vocabulary, you should brush still brush up on your vocabulary. For this section, you will have 9 minutes to answer 15 questions.  
  • Paragraph Comprehension: For this portion of the exam you will be putting your reading skills to the test, as well as test your ability to follow instructions. For this section, you will have 27 minutes to answer 10 questions. 
  • Mathematics Knowledge: Do not be too afraid of this section, the questions are not too elaborate and simply test your ability to make calculations. However, if math is not your strong suit then you may want to consider taking more time to study for this section. On the day of the exam, you will have 23 minutes to answer 15 questions. 
  • Electronics Information: In this section, you will be tested on your knowledge of electrical systems. This section is one of the most difficult sections of the exam because not everyone has knowledge of electrical systems. Therefore, it is important that you take your time to study for this section. During the exam, you will have 10 minutes to complete 15 questions.  
  • Automotive Information: You’ll be putting your mechanical skills to the test which is also difficult because not everyone has mechanical knowledge. However, if you want to be in the military, you’ll need to put these mechanical abilities to the test. For this section, you will have 7 minutes to answer 10 questions.  
  • Shop Information: This section focuses on your ability to identify tools and other mechanical tools that are relevant to the military. For this section, you will have 6 minutes to answer 10 questions.  
  • Mechanical Comprehension: This is another section that tests your mechanical abilities and your knowledge of machinery. For this section, you will have 22 minutes to answer 15 questions. 
  • Assembling Objects: Although you will not be assembling objects literally for the exam, you will be tested on your ability to assess visual spacing and make proper assessments. For this section, you will have 17 minutes to answer 15 questions.  
How Long to Study For ASVAB: The Study Schedule That Works

So why is this so important? Why is it necessary to discuss each section of the exam in this particular article? Well, it’s important because you need to have a full understanding that this exam does not only test your basic reading and math skills, but it goes way beyond that. By knowing the contents of the exam, you will be able to plan your study sessions accordingly and prioritizing more troubling sections before others. For example, if you have great reading, and math knowledge then you will not need to focus too much on those sections and instead, you can focus more on the more demanding sections like electronics information, mechanical comprehension, and the other more technical sections.  

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Tips for a Successful Study Session 

Since time is of the essence here you want to make sure that you come out of each study session with a sense of accomplishment and feeling more prepared each time. Therefore, it is important that you make the best out of each session in order to maximize results. Here are some tips to help make each study session more productive. 

  • Study somewhere where there are no distractions. This is probably something that you’ve heard a million times, but hey it works! When you decide to study make sure you study in a quiet place where distractions are limited. Try to replicate the atmosphere of a testing center. 
  • Take practice exams. Make sure you take advantage of the practice exams that you come across online. One of the best ways to study and familiarize yourself with the material is by taking a practice exam, and timing yourself as if you were taking the actual exam. This will allow you to figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are. 
  • Time yourself. This goes hand in hand with the practice, however, it is important to emphasize this because each section is timed, and the last thing you want is to leave a section incomplete because you lost track of time. 

With these tips and the proper study schedule, you will feel much more productive after each session. The importance here is to stick to a schedule and stay consistent, this will give you more confidence going into the exam and will allow for you to feel more prepared.  

Final Thoughts 

How Long to Study For ASVAB: The Study Schedule That Works

As mentioned before there is no right amount of time for you to take to study for the exam, however, you should not feel confident enough to study for the exam less than a month before the scheduled exam date. If you dedicate enough hours a week to study, then you will definitely pass the exam because you will be well prepared, and you will go into the exam knowing what to expect.  

Remember, be consistent when studying, stick to your schedule, and study in an environment that increases your productivity. Prioritize the areas that you are weak in and take the study sessions seriously. Good luck! 

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How long will my ASVAB scores be valid? 

If you pass your ASVAB and wish to hold off on enlisting right away, then your scores will be valid for two years. After that, you will need to take the exam again.  

What happens if I fail one section? 

You will not be graded per section instead you will be graded by overall score. Each branch of the military has an acceptable minimum score, so you’ll need to do research before taking the exam.  

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