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So, you decided you want to do your part in protecting the country’s safety and to ensure peace with other nations. Congratulations on this amazing career choice! First you need to know exactly what a foreign service officer does and what comes with the job.

A Guide to Becoming a Foreign Service Officer: Everything You Need to Know Before You Apply
A job in the Foreign Service can be rewarding, varied, and enjoyable. This guide can help you discover all the challenges and benefits to becoming a foreign service officer, along with what you need to know before you apply and what the benefits will be for you at each stage of your career.

In this e-book, you will learn about:
  •  The different careers in foreign service, including working at a consulate, in economics, management, and politics.
  •  The requirements to become a Foreign Service Officer, including a description of each of the 13 Dimensions, or what traits the U.S. Department of State wants in their officers.
  •  Where you will serve, including the difference between assignments and jobs.
  •  Step by step instructions on how to become a Foreign Service Officer, including information about the Foreign Service Officer Test and the Qualifications Evaluation Panel.
  •  The advantages and disadvantages to starting a career in the Foreign Service, including family life and their involvement.

In this e-book, you can discover all the benefits to becoming a Foreign Service officer, including what your global impact can be in serving this position. Find out what’s in it for you—not just how you can advance your career, but how you can make a real difference in one of the United States’ 270 embassies around the world.

How to Study For & Pass Your Foreign Service Officer Test

Following the steps to become a Foreign Service Officer does not have to be daunting. You can increase your chances of passing the test with this guide on how to study and pass your Foreign Service Officer test. 

This how to study and pass your foreign service officer test guide will show you:

  •  What a Foreign Service Officer does, what traits you should have as an FSO, and what qualifications the U.S. Department of State requires.
  •  Step by step on how to choose your career track, register for the Foreign Service Officer Test, and what comes next after you pass.
  •  What to expect out of the written portion of your application and what subjects in which you will have to reflect.
  •  What to expect from the oral assessment portion of your application along with tips on how to pass.
  •  What clearances you may have to secure to continue forward with your application.
  •  How to study for the test and identify your weaknesses.
  •  What to expect on the day of your Foreign Service Officer Test.
     How and when you receive your test results.

This study guide will prepare you overall to help you pass your FSO test, it can be challenging however the end result will be rewarding. 

This practice test and study information does not guarantee a passing grade on your Foreign Service Officer Test. Please use your provided materials as a supplement to this guide to have the most up to date information on the Foreign Service Officer test.

Foreign Service Officer Practice Exam

Choosing to become a foreign service officer means you are looking to represent the United States abroad, so you already know the high expectations placed on you as you continue down the pathway to that career. One of the final steps you must take before serving in the Foreign Service is taking the officer exam—and this practice exam can help you prepare for the final test so you can start your career to promote peace, support prosperity, and protect American citizens in the Foreign Service.

Because this exam can only be taken once a year, it’s important to understand the skills and knowledge you need before signing up for the final exam.

This foreign service officer practice exam will help you prepare with questions about:

  •  Early American History, including the development of political parties and important questions about the Constitution.
  •  Amendments to the Bill of Rights.
  •  Presidents and when they served, including dates of U.S. involved wars.
  •  Basic technology.
  •  American culture.
  •  World History.
  •  Grammar, reading comprehension, and spelling.
  •  Basic math.

This practice exam does not take the place of any form of legal or professional advice and does not guarantee a passing grade. Use this practice exam in addition to whatever guides your testing center or facility provides for you. This practice test is for practice use only and not an exact copy of the final exam distributed by the U.S. Department of State.

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