Can Postal Workers Smoke in Their Trucks? 

When you are searching for a new career, you will likely have a large number of questions about what your days will be like on the job. If you regularly smoke and want to become a Postal Worker, you will likely be wondering when you will be able to take smoke breaks or if you are allowed to smoke while you are in your US Postal Services truck. This is a valid question! It is also a topic that can cause a lot of confusion. 

Most policies state that no smoking is allowed in US Postal Service buildings or vehicles. This includes no smoking in the US Postal Service trucks that are used to deliver mail to the community. However, each area may take a different approach to enforce these policies. Some areas may be strict about no smoking, but other areas may allow Postal Workers to smoke in their trucks on occasion. 


Is Smoking Allowed in Mail Trucks? 

Can Postal Workers Smoke in Their Trucks? 

Technically, smoking is not allowed in any property of the US Postal Services. This includes no smoking in the US Postal Service buildings and in their vehicles. For most US Postal Service buildings, they will have specific smoking areas, which are the only places smoking is allowed on their property. Although this is the policy, it does not necessarily mean that the rules are strictly enforced in every area. 

In some areas, this policy is not enforced at all. This means that Postal Workers may regularly smoke in their mail trucks due to management not enforcing the policy. Since each area can vary on the policy and how strictly they follow it, the only accurate way to know if US Postal Service workers smoke in their trucks in your area is to research your specific area. 

It’s important to keep in mind that even if your area strictly follows the no smoking policy, this does not mean that you won’t be able to take smoking breaks during your workday. It just means that you won’t be able to take your smoking break while in your truck and you won’t be able to smoke while you’re driving your truck either. 

The majority of US Postal Service areas consistently ensure that their employees get adequate break times. This means that you could use your allotted break time to smoke, if you desire to do so, as long as it’s outside of your Postal vehicle. Most locations for the US Postal provide time for all of their employees to get at least one 15-minute break per shift. However, the majority of areas will give you two 15-minute breaks per shift. 

If you need more than the allotted amount of breaks that your location provides for their employees, we recommend asking your supervisor for the process of requesting more breaks throughout your shift. It is always better to ask first before leaving an amazing opportunity like working for the US Postal Service. 


Concerns with Smoking in Mail Trucks 

Can Postal Workers Smoke in Their Trucks? 

You may be wondering why the policy prohibits smoking in US Postal Services trucks since no one else will be in the truck with you while you’re working. However, there are very valid reasons why this policy was set in place. There are specific concerns that smoking in mail trucks can bring up for both the US Postal Service and the community. 

The first concern is the packages can easily start to smell like smoke, which can be a large concern to those receiving the packages and the community as a whole. If you are smoking regularly while driving in your mail truck, packages would be regularly exposed to the smoke. This can cause the packages to start smelling like smoke. Consumers could start to complain, which could lead to further issues for the US Postal Service. 

If a Postal Worker regularly smokes in their mail truck, the entire truck can also start smelling like smoke. You may have even noticed this happen in your own personal cars. If you smoke regularly in any vehicle, the smell tends to stay. The vehicle will then still smell like smoke, even if you haven’t smoked in the vehicle for a week. 

If you are not working or out sick, your truck may not be staying locked in the US Postal Service. There is always the chance that someone else could be in your truck temporarily when you are not using it. If this person doesn’t smoke themselves and is sensitive to cigarette smoke, this could be a large concern. This person could end up having to spend their workday in a truck that strongly smelled like smoke and could be bothered by it. 

Smoking in your truck regularly can also be a safety hazard. If someone smokes in their mail truck and does not properly dispose of the cigarette once they are done, this can cause a fire hazard. If the cigarette ends up in the mail truck after the worker is done smoking, it can cause damage to the truck and potentially hurt packages as well. This is a large reason why the US Postal Service has set its policy of no smoking in their vehicles. 

It’s important to keep in mind that there are a large number of people who are very sensitive to cigarette smell, including possibly some of your coworkers and members of the community. If a Postal Worker is regularly smoking in their mail truck, it can affect a larger amount of people. It can cause an unsafe atmosphere. 

Therefore, even if your area isn’t very strict on the no-smoking policy, we still recommend making an effort to not smoke consistently in your mail truck. By taking your smoke breaks outside of your mail truck, you will be helping your other coworkers have an easier time if they are sensitive to smell and may end up using your truck temporarily.  

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Other Rules for Mail Trucks 

Can Postal Workers Smoke in Their Trucks? 

The US Postal Service has other guidelines regarding their mail trucks as well. Smoking is not the only policy that the organization has created. The biggest regulation regarding mail trucks is that all Postal Workers must follow the area’s traffic laws while driving their mail trucks. Some people think that mail trucks get always get the right of way while driving, like fire trucks, patrol cars, and other emergency vehicles. However, this is not accurate. 

The US Postal Service has a policy that requires all of its Postal Workers to follow all of the local traffic laws while driving any vehicle owned by the US Postal Service. Depending on the area, there may be specific rules regarding this policy. If you get traffic tickets while you are driving your mail truck, you can take the risk of getting written up by your department. 

For other guidelines regarding your mail truck, it may depend on the specific location that you are working on. Some management may have guidelines on how clean the inside of the mail truck is used. Most management teams will hold you responsible for ensuring the inside of your mail truck is kept clean and free of any garbage. This makes it easier to allow another coworker to use your mail truck while you are not using it. 

Related Questions

What is the pay like for Postal Workers? 

The pay for working as a Postal Workers depends on the area that you work and also the specific position that you work as. Your salary may also depend on the experience you’ve had and the amount of higher-level education you have obtained as well. 

The average salary for US Postal Service workers is generally around $60,000. In most areas, the starting salary is approximately $40,000. It can also be much higher depending on the position that you are working in. The US Postal Service has very competitive salaries for their workers! 


Do I need a college education to work for the US Postal Service? 

The amount of education required to work for the US Postal Service largely depends on the position that you are desiring to obtain. Entry-level positions generally do not require a college education to qualify. However, you will need a high school diploma. 

If you are applying for management positions at the US Postal Service, then you will likely need at least a two-year college education. Many management and upper-level positions will ask for at least a bachelor’s degree to qualify for the position.

What are the benefits included when you work for the US Postal Service? 

The US Postal Service comes with a large number of benefits, which is why so many people desire to work for the organization! The first benefit of working for the US Postal Service is the competitive pay that you will receive. All positions have great salaries compared to similar positions with other companies. 

Another large benefit is the excellent health insurance that you will receive as an employee. When you start your career with the US Postal Service, there is also a large amount of advancement opportunity. It can turn into a lifelong career! 

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