Can Postal Workers Get Fired? 

Starting a career as a postal worker is an exciting adventure! When you are starting your journey, it is essential to know the important factors in your new job. This includes if you can get fired from your position and what you can get fired for. Knowing what you can get fired for will help you be more prepared in the future. We have all guidelines you need to know! 

Postal workers can get fired. Although some may think it’s easy to get fired as a postal worker, the US Postal Service follows similar regulations that other organizations within the government follow as well. The US Postal Service does not fire any employees without a valid reason and also without providing valid documentation.  

How Do Postal Workers Get Fired? 

Can Postal Workers Get Fired? 

Some people question if it is easy to get fired from the US Postal Service. However, the rules for employment as a postal worker are actually similar to other organizations within the government and other major corporations. The US Postal Service will not fire any of its employees without a valid reason. Every time an employee is let go, the organization requires that it follows a set procedure and has valid documentation. 

Some of the major ways that a postal worker can get fired is for breaking major policies that the organization follows. This includes stealing from the organization or getting into any packages that belong to community members without approval, sexual harassment accusations, losing an extreme amount of mail, not following the attendance policy, and not showing up for a scheduled shift (without calling and letting a supervisor know). 

One benefit of working for the US Postal Service is a large number of their policies are found in writing. Most locations will provide their employees with Employee Handbooks, where they can find descriptions of the essential policies that are related to their specific job titles. These Employee Handbooks will also often advise employees what specifically they can lose their positions over as well. 

These Employee Handbooks that most locations will provide also break down different warning levels that you may receive as an employee. For example: If you are late to work 2 times, you aren’t likely to lose your position entirely. However, by not following the attendance policy consistently over a specific amount of time or reaching a certain attendance point system, you may have a chance of losing your job. 

When you are first interviewing for a new position with the US Postal Service, we recommend asking the hiring manager about the biggest policies at your location that can result in losing your job if you are concerned. We also recommend asking the hiring manager what they are looking for and what will make you stand out as an employee. 

Rules for Working as a Postal Worker 

In many cases, each location for the US Postal Service may have slightly different rules and regulations for its employees. However, the US Postal Service does have a few major rules that all employees of the organization need to follow, no matter what location you may work for. These are also policies that you could potentially lose your job over if you don’t follow them on a regular basis. 

Can Postal Workers Get Fired? 

One of the most important policies is attendance. Every US Postal Service location will have regulations over attendance. If mail workers don’t follow their schedules and stick to the attendance policies, the community could suffer and not receive their mail on time. Each mail worker plays a big part in making sure the community receives all of their mail. If someone is expecting an important piece of mail, poor attendance from mail workers could strongly affect them in a negative way. 

Other policies include sticking to the mail route that has been assigned to you and not straying too far from your route during your workday. The US Postal Service also has very strict regulations on theft and has zero-tolerance if an employee is caught stealing. They will often lose their job right away. This strict policy helps protect the packages of the community. 

Many US Postal Service locations also strongly enforce a dress policy. This means employees are required to regularly come to work in their proper uniforms and present themselves in a clean matter. If an employee comes to work looking unprofessional or not in the proper uniform, they do take the chance of getting sent home and losing pay for the remaining part of the workday. 

Keeping everything confidential is another important regulation of working for the US Postal Service. If your position exposes you to any private information regarding the US Postal Service, it is essential you keep all of the information confidential. By sharing the information with anyone, you could put the organization at risk and you could also take the chance of losing your job entirely. 

What to Do if You’ve Been Fired Without Proper Reason 

Many locations of the US Postal Service take the letting go process for employees very seriously, despite many rumors that suggest otherwise. Typically when you are fired from the organization, there is significant documentation that explains their reasoning for firing the employee. However, if you feel like you’ve been fired from the US Postal Service without a fair or proper reason, we have some suggestions on how you should proceed. 

Can Postal Workers Get Fired? 

The first step we recommend taking is asking the leadership members at your location for proper documentation regarding why you were fired from your position. If leadership can’t provide you with any documentation that explains why you were fired, then you can also proceed to speak with the Human Resources team for the US Postal Service. 

Some large locations for the US Postal Service may have HR professionals available at your location. However, if they are not available in the building that you work, you can still ask for the contact information of the HR professionals that could take a further look into why you were fired from your position. 

Most of the time, the HR team is happy to help past employees by providing documentation on why you were hired. It is a large part of their job responsibility to ensure that employees are treated fairly and to ensure that all employees are also let go for fair reasons and never without proper reasoning. 

However, if you want to proceed further, you also have the option to take legal action against the US Postal Service regarding being fired. You do want to keep in mind that this process can be expensive (since you may need to pay for legal assistance) and can also be very time consuming as well if you decide to take your case to court. 

Despite what some may say, it is not easy to be let go of the US Postal Service. The organization takes great care of its employees and wants to see all of its employees succeed. The organization sets you up with tools like Employee Handbooks that help you know what is expected from you in your position to help you advance your career. 

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Related Questions

What are the benefits of being a postal worker?   

There are a large number of benefits available when you come a postal worker! The first benefit is receiving a competitive salary, no matter what location you work for. Since the US Postal Service is part of the government, you can also expect amazing health insurance benefits for both you and your family. 

If you want a place where you can have an exciting career, the US Postal Service can be a great place for that. Another benefit is there are a large amount of advancement opportunities available when you work for the US Postal Service. 


How long is the hiring process for the US Postal Service? 

The length of time that the hiring process takes for the US Postal Service will largely depend on the location that you are applying for and also the specific position that you are applying for as well. Some more advanced positions may require more time during the hiring process. 

However, no matter what specific position that you are interviewing for, we recommend expecting the hiring process to take at least two weeks. This is usually the minimum amount of time needed for the interviews you will have, along with completing a background and drug test before you can officially be hired. 


Do I need a college education to work as a postal worker? 

The qualifications you must have to work for the US Postal Service depends largely on the specific position that you are applying for. However, many positions for the organization do not require a college education. For many positions, you only need a high school diploma. 

If you plan on applying for more advanced positions or wanting to take your career with the US Postal Service to the next level, we do recommend obtaining a college education. Many more advanced positions may require a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree at the minimum. 

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